about us

Omega Outdoor was founded in 2019. We are experts in digital OOH advertising with decades of experience.

Pedestrians viewing our Clifton Street DOOH screen

We are Omega Outdoor

Omega Outdoor sets the stage for impactful brand messaging in Belfast with our cutting-edge digital billboard screens. Capture attention, deliver dynamic content, and reach your target audience effectively through our high-quality displays and advanced advertising solutions.

Through strategic placement in high-traffic areas with our Digital Out-of-Home Advertising planning expertise, we ensure that your campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to revolutionise digital out-of-home advertising in Belfast. We provide cutting-edge solutions, from digital billboard screens to location-based targeting, ensuring impactful campaigns that captivate audiences and deliver measurable results, all while offering exceptional support and expert guidance.

Budget Energy advert displayed on Omega Outdoor's Clifton Street DOOH screen